Friday, December 4, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Eidgah - Maler Kotla

The Eid Gah is one of the modern pieces of architecture that represents the Muslim culture and also gives a glimpse of the impact of Mughal art and tradition. Thousands of Muslims offering Namaz-e-Eid with religious fervor there.

Malerkotla could perhaps also boast of the most picturesque Eidgah anywhere around the world. The portals of the Eidgah are flanked by two tall towers. Once inside, the captivating beauty of the Eidgah could take away ones breath. The Eidgah sprawling over 10 and odd acres is dotted with canals, fountains, gazebos, pavilions and glades, all criss-crossed by neat pathways.

Few could explain as to why a humble town needed such a well-endowed Eidgah. All that they could say is that every chief minister in Punjab had been liberally doling out funds to give a facelift to the congregational ground, with the scanty Muslim populace in the State having nothing else to demand grants for.